Wednesday, July 2, 2008


So, Tacy tagged me, this was kinda fun. Thanks Tacy, actually I'm so happy that it was me who you thought of to tag. Unless of course you have another friend named Laura that I am unaware of and in that case I am just plain embarrassed that I actually thought it was me you tagged. Oh well on with my answers!!

Home town: Nauvoo, IL
I wonder who's white van and red car that is?
Favorite Vacation Destination: Lake Michigan
Favorite color: Green
Okay I saw this pic and I loved it, there is a little green in it.
Dream Career: Something to do with shoe fashion.

Guilty Pleasure: I hate to admit this!!! Here goes, ready..... um..... okay.... I... am.... a..... "Hills" Junkie okay I said it now laugh all you want. I can actually feel all of everyone's respect for me fading away, I really am a good person really!!

Wow I feel so much better now.

Favorite Hobby: Reading

I love to read

Favorite Restaurant : Cheesecake factory

It's a good thing there isn't one near by!!!

Favorite Actor/ Actress: Tom Hanks
Favorite Vehicle: Mercedes Benz

Favorite place to shop for myself: Dillard's

Favorite Flower: Tulip, is there anything more sweet?

Now I tag Kim, Jamie, & Mandy. Here's what you do:
2. Type in your answer to the question in the "search" box
3. Use your favorite image of the subject.
4. Copy the html and paste for the answer
Have fun I can't wait to see your answers.


Mandy said...

Hey Laura, I tried to do it but I couldn't get any pics to come up on my blog. Don't know what i am doing wrong but finally gave up. It looked like fun....

tacy said...

Hills?! That cracks me up! And yes, I did mean you. You are my only laura.