Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kit Kittredge

Well Constance sure was a happy girl yesterday. And she should have been. We took her to see the Kit movie. Cute Movie, she loved it!!
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Mandy said...

Lauren gets the catalogs in the mail from American Girl and loves to flip through them. How was the movie?

Laura said...

Cute move!! We can't wait to buy it. We love Kit, she is our favorite AG doll.
Not to mention she looks just like Constance mostly when she has her hair cut in a bob.

Abby said...

I need to take Regan to see that movie. She looks a lot like Kit too but Samantha is her favorite ;)

Anonymous said...

Madison wants to see that movie too. We also get the catalog in the mail, well we use to until we moved. :O(