Friday, July 4, 2008

the end of my independence

So this independence day was the best ever. It was the end of my week long independence. As many of you know this week I was home all alone. Jason and Emmitt were at scout camp and Constance went to a camp with her cousin all week. I was looking forward to having this week all to myself. I had plans to go to the spa, clean the house, read, take long hot bubble baths. Wow how a week can fly by. My week started off great. My dear friends Alison and Jenny came all the way from Moberly, Mo to visit me for the day. We had a great time visiting and catching up, I was so sad to see them go. As soon as they left it sunk in that I was all alone. The rest of my week flew by way too fast. I had something going on every minute, some good things like going over to mom and dad's for dinner, and going out with Kim and Val one night. Then some not so great things like dentist appt. and the never ending responsibilities of being a Relief Society Pres., and having apartments and horrible tenants. Two nights this week I was woke up by the phone ringing at 2:00 a.m. (you know when the phone rings at that hour it's never good news so your heart starts pounding) well it was one of our tenants complaining that another tenant was being too loud, I told him that Jason was at scout camp and there was nothing I could do about it, and he needed to call the police because they were disturbing the peace. He seriously told me he didn't want to bother them at this time of night. What?!? Did he really think I was up and he wouldn't be bothering me? So after telling him 3 times I was really sorry that I couldn't do anything he starts chatting with me about stupid stuff. I had to remind him that was 2:00 a.m. and I was sleeping. He said Oh sorry about that, then I just hung up the phone. He called again two nights later. Needless to say I didn't even answer the phone. The nerve of some people.

Well I didn't make it to the spa, I didn't even open a book, the house didn't get that deep cleaning I was hoping to do, and the closest thing I got to a bubble bath was when I was showering I noticed the water wasn't draining, because the drain was plugged. So my feet got a nice little bubble bath.

Thank goodness Constance came home today, and this week alone is now over!!! Maybe now I will get some peace, rest and relaxation.


Jamie Steen said...

Ha ha ha. I can totaly relate. I hope you get to relax. Love ya.

NYCmom said...

It was SO fun seeing you! I hope we make it up there again this summer. I'll give you a call. I'm sorry you didn't get all your projects done. I know how that goes though...I have so much that I brought here from NY thinking I would have so much free time here...and I SO don't! (And yes, I'm posting this at 2:18am...trying to drag some free time out of the night!) xoxo