Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Air Head-ed Husband

Let me start by saying I have permission to tell this story.
Jason and I were on our way home from Quincy tonight, it was cold out and parts of the road had patches of ice.Here is our conversation.

Jason: "Remember that one time we were on our way home from Quincy that one winter --(remember winter) --and there was snow all over the road and as soon as we crossed over into Hancock County the roads were totally clear"

Me: "I do remember that, but I was sure it was summer when that happened"

Jason: "Really, Oh"

Me: (after a few seconds pass, just to see if he catches on) "No Jason it wasn't Summer it was winter".

Jason: " What??"

Me: I start laughing

Jason: Looks at me confused (pause for a second) "You big dork"

Me: "No Jason, I'm pretty sure you're the big dork" I continue to laugh for a few miles.

Oh it's never a dull moment with my husband. I love him. Isn't he great.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Here is to all of us mothers out there. Have your kids listen to this each day before you feed them breakfast!!!


Friday, December 5, 2008


WARNING: Send the kids to the other room, let them play with play doh, let them color on the wall, anything, just don't let them read this post!!!! Oh and if you are a santa hater stop reading as well. or do keep reading to see a different point of view.

I love Santa, I believe in Santa. I know there are some who don't and I am really sad for them. It seems that there are many that think believing in Santa takes away from Christ during Christmas. I see their point of view, but I disagree. At Christmas time what I do see is the magic . The Love for strangers. The random acts of service. People dropping pennies, dollars, even diamond rings (oh yes it does happen) into little red buckets, and people sacrificing warmth to ring a bell while standing next to little red buckets in the bitter cold. I see people buying extra toys, bikes, coats, turkeys, etc. to donate to families less fortunate than themselves. I could go on and on, but I'm guessing you get the point. All of these acts are the pure love of Christ, they go on every Christmas season, often while waring a Santa hat.
This week a question was asked, a tear was shed (by me) a truth was told.
Here is how it played out:
So we are finishing up family home evening and my daughter asks THE question, (the son asked last year)I look at my husband who is sitting behind her and gives me the look like, have fun with this, glad it's you and not me. I stammer, I stall, I then look to my son for help and he says "Mom come on just tell the poor girl" I look back at her and she's standing with her hands on her hips and asks again. I reply do you want to believe, she says "I WANT to know if the big guy in the red suit living in the north pole is really there. I shake my head look at the floor (this is where the tear comes) and say no.
I look up and she's smiling -- not what I expected. I ask how she feels about that, she says "fine". I then tell her the history (according to me, what I mean by that is I really don't know but this is what I think) of Santa. Here goes
A long time ago there was a man by the name of Nicolas he was a saint he did really good things one of which was give gifts to people but didn't want anyone to give him any of the glory. Just like Jesus gave us a gift, the most precious gift we could have and He doesn't want any of the glory. Because St. Nicolas was such a good example of Jesus we carry on his tradition during Christmas time to help us remember the wonderful gifts Jesus has given to us.
So you see I do believe in Santa, I believe in the spirit of him, I believe we all should be a lot more like him, because if we would we would be a lot more like our Savior, Jesus Christ. So Santa and Christ-mas go hand in hand I will always believe!!!