Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Air Head-ed Husband

Let me start by saying I have permission to tell this story.
Jason and I were on our way home from Quincy tonight, it was cold out and parts of the road had patches of ice.Here is our conversation.

Jason: "Remember that one time we were on our way home from Quincy that one winter --(remember winter) --and there was snow all over the road and as soon as we crossed over into Hancock County the roads were totally clear"

Me: "I do remember that, but I was sure it was summer when that happened"

Jason: "Really, Oh"

Me: (after a few seconds pass, just to see if he catches on) "No Jason it wasn't Summer it was winter".

Jason: " What??"

Me: I start laughing

Jason: Looks at me confused (pause for a second) "You big dork"

Me: "No Jason, I'm pretty sure you're the big dork" I continue to laugh for a few miles.

Oh it's never a dull moment with my husband. I love him. Isn't he great.


tacy said...

d-o-r-k is right.
in a friendly way I mean. He is a fun guy. and by guy I mean little kid in adult clothing

Jamie Steen said...

LOL ok that just goes to show the worship involved when the man always takes your word as law even when what you say is stupid and off the wall. lol gotta love a guy like that.

The Ordeel said...

We're back online! I immediately went to your site to see the airhead post about Jason. It is so much fun to make a fool of your spouse. Lucky for you, it is so easy! That makes for lots of fun! I once (very easily) convinced Kevin to wander around in a mucky pond shore to look for a purple ladybug. Oh, that is why I like you, Laura. Our sense of humor meshes, you know. Gullable (sp?) husbands rule! They make us look so smart.

Festus said...

I feel so stupid reading your site. I don't know how to do any of the formatting. I use the template that blogger tells me to. And I have no idea how to make the feeds roll like yours do on the right. You've inspired me to try to get some pictures and video on my site, too. Your content is good. I take offense at the "gullible husband" tone I'm reading on these comments. Remember what God did in the Bible when a wicked woman tempted a "gullible husband" with an apple. She was given birth pains and a period. So, watch it. BTW, my name shows up here as Festus, but it's Brad.

Anonymous said...

Love the new look!!!

Nana-Judy said...

I like you r'new' look,too. Do you have these already formatted and 'dated' to come up on a certain date? [ I'm asking because your last post was on your old format for a few days before the format changed.] If that is how it works, I'm interested in where you went to get that feature!