Monday, June 30, 2008

Two hands

Can you belive it Constance is 10!!!! WOW
Her are some Pics of her on her big day. Isn't she adorable. I have had so many fun times with her. She is a great girl and we are so blessed to have her in our family!!
Happy Birthday Chick-a, Ladybug!!!!
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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What is July 27th?

It seems there are some who are somewhat curious as to what is happening on July 27th. If you don't know, shame on you, because you must not talk to me very often. So really you only have yourself to blame for not being in the loop. Because I am a kind, thoughtful person I will let you in on our destination, Lake Michigan! All the Hasek girls 18 and older are going for a week and staying in the cottage on the lake that my grandpa built!! As kids we would go there every summer. We are so excited.
I have received a couple of threats that some may just show up. About that let me say this. Any uninvited guest will be welcome as long as they can answer a number of questions, such as quotes from Monty Python, can you sing all the songs from "May turn on earth" and "Saturday's Worriers", can you name all the Hasek children in order, in less than 2 seconds, What is our family tradition on Christmas Eve. And a few more questions but I can't tell you now. If these questions are not answered correctly you will ... well lets just say you will be asked to leave. (In-laws do not have to answer these questions, they have earned there way by marrying our stinky brothers)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sesame seeds and spare buttons

I don't know why I have been thinking about this, however I have and I thought I'd share.

Growing up in a family where you have 5 older siblings you look at things a little differently. For example most kids want to be older, because they will be allowed more freedoms. That is not the case us with many older siblings (or maybe it's just me and my crazy way of thinking about things). I couldn't wait to be older for a number of reasons, let me explain.

1. I couldn't wait to go to McDonalds (which was almost never, were my parents smart or what) and get a hamburger that had sesame seeds on it. Us younger ones only got a hamburger w/o cheese. Oh how I enjoy my sesame seeds now. I have been know to splurge and even buy the buns at the store with sesame seeds just because I can!!

2. I couldn't wait to get a new shirt that came with an extra button in a little pouch or attached to the shirt. Sometimes when I am shopping and I try on a shirt and I see that little extra button, a smile spreads across my face and I seem to say to myself I have arrived.

3. I couldn't wait to stay up late. Oh the torture my parents and older siblings put us younger ones through. Did you really think we were all asleep and such sound sleepers that we couldn't hear your spoons clanking on your bowls as you at ice cream. Or worse we'd hear the door bell ring and then the house would fill up with the tempting smell of fresh, hot, delivered pizza.We may have been young but we were not stupid.

4. I couldn't wait to have my own room. No disrespect to Mary, Sarah, and sometimes Mark. I love you guys so much you were great room mates, but I really looked forward to having my own room. I love my husband so much, but I can't help sometimes feeling jipped that I have to share a room again.

So those are a few of the things I have been thinking about. I loved my childhood I love my siblings. I wouldn't have traded any of it for the world. ( well maybe at the time I would have).

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dancing Queen

Constance had her Dance recital today. She did awesome!!! She is quite the dancer. I could watch her dance all day. Enjoy these pictures. She is the one on the far right in all 3 pics. I hope I can get the video to load on here, it is just one minute of one of her dances. Short I know, but so beautiful!!

"Down by the River"

As many of you know the Mississippi River is flooding. Here are some pictures I took to give you an idea of how it is here.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Big Mac Attack

Well to my very saddened heart the day did come. Emmitt had his first (and I hope last) Big Mac.
After a baseball game we took Emmitt and one of his friends to McDonald's for dinner. Well you know boys, they have it in their minds that there is a direct correlation as to how much you eat and how manly you are. The more you eat the more man you are. Well Emmitt's friend ordered a Big Mac so of course he couldn't be out done so he must order one as well. My heart broke as I watched my boy devour the sloppy mess of a burger. The only bit of happiness I had was watching as he tried to stuff in the last two bites knowing he really didn't want to, regretting his choice as he looked at those last two bites looking back at him daring him not to finish (of course he did it, his friend was watching). Sorry I didn't have my camera.