Monday, June 9, 2008

Big Mac Attack

Well to my very saddened heart the day did come. Emmitt had his first (and I hope last) Big Mac.
After a baseball game we took Emmitt and one of his friends to McDonald's for dinner. Well you know boys, they have it in their minds that there is a direct correlation as to how much you eat and how manly you are. The more you eat the more man you are. Well Emmitt's friend ordered a Big Mac so of course he couldn't be out done so he must order one as well. My heart broke as I watched my boy devour the sloppy mess of a burger. The only bit of happiness I had was watching as he tried to stuff in the last two bites knowing he really didn't want to, regretting his choice as he looked at those last two bites looking back at him daring him not to finish (of course he did it, his friend was watching). Sorry I didn't have my camera.


Mandy said...

That picture makes me want one! No, I am just kidding. This story reminds me of a time when Jordan was with just Gary and I and we took him to McDonalds and he was a little guy and he said, "I'll take a number 4." Or whatever number it was and it happened to be the biggest, supersize, valuemeal they had! Gary and I laughed so hard! We talked him into a smaller one and he was full with that one. I must say though; boys can definitely eat us out of the house! I have one doing that right now!!!

Curt, Charlene, Luke, Ty and Jake said...

Hi, Laura! Long time no see! I saw your blog listed on Katy's and thought it would be fun to see how you all are doing. I hope you don't mind. :)

You can check our family out at: and I have my own blog also at:

Your kids both are so grown up! Tell Jason hi for us!

Charlene & Curt