Friday, July 10, 2009

I could have danced all night

(constance and kaylee on the way to the recital)

Constance had her dance recital in early June. Wow that girls loves to dance. This year was a little hard on her because the class she was in for the past couple of years was a small class with her and a couple of older girls. Well this year the older girls didn't go out for dance so it left Constance alone so they decided to have her join the class just below her in age so she was a 10 year old dancing with 7-8 year old's. They are all pretty good dancers it's just it was hard on her ego to be "demoted" I think. Also the difference in maturity was hard on here. Where in the past she was the little girl looking up to the "cool" older girls, and now she is the older girl lost in a bunch of little kids. I think it was really good for her however because the teacher had her help teach the younger girls, or to work with them when they were struggling.

I tried to load a video of her dance but after 4 hours it still wasn't loaded, and now I can't seem to get the box off the screen so if it shows up sorry there really is no video.

Here are a few pictures.

(Constance after the dance)

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tacy said...

I don't know how I missed this blog earlier! How fun that she loves to dance! I wish I could dance. I watch so you think you can dance and get all depressed because I can't dance. haha