Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dad does it

Well what do you do when your Dad retires, and he DOES NOT want anyone to do anything special? You call all his kids that live close by and tell them to be at Pizza Hut at 6:45 and wait.... and wait....

When he does walk in everyone stands up an claps and surprises him!!!!

Then the grand kids give him hugs

and more hugs

then when thing get a little boring and the dinner is done we sit around and talk. Well except for Jared he finds things to amuse himself like dumping pepper flakes in Sarah's purse when she's not looking

Then she dumps it all out.

Then she looks away again and he does it again.

and she dumps her purse again.

When all the fun has died down and the pizza hut employee's are threatening to never let us in their establishment again if we don't leave, Mom takes the tired, retiree home and Barant takes off to buy Guitar Hero World Tour. -- (way better than Rock Band)

We head back to my house ('cause there is a house full of 11 year old girls at Barant's house) and set up the game, and Jam all night.

Barant and Torey Rockin' it up while Emmitt kicks back a cold Mt. Dew.
Watch out for Torey he is a drumming' fool.

and Emmitt not only kicks it up a notch on the guitar he has some pretty sweet moves while he plays.

Enjoy a couple of videos, one of Torey on drums and I'm not sure who is on guitar- you don't want to look at the guitar side any way not good!!!

The next video is when at Pizza Hut Sarah goes to the bathroom and leaves her purse.

So that is what we do when our Dad retires!!!


Mandy said...

Laura, I think you are enjoying your camera! :-)

Great story. And I am laughing b/c you know the difference between Rock Band and Guitar Hero, I still don't know which one we have... just asked Gary and he said Guitar Hero, was that the good one? LOL!

BTW- just sent your package out today so let me know when you get it.

NYCmom said...

Your blog looks so cute! Congrats to your dad. That's exciting! I hope he enjoys retirement more than my dad...he doesn't know what to do with himself! Looks like you had fun though. I'm excited to see what you do with your camera. I love our Rebel. I wish I could take a photography class. Also, we've had strawberry pretzel salad about 5 times since I've been home. I LOVE it!! mmmmmmmm

Katy Nelson said...

oh my, what will nri do without your dad? i haven't seen most of your family in FOREVER!
look like tons of fun!

The Ordeel said...

You are so funny. Just as I was thinking, "She should be taking videos of this stuff," you get to the videos. You read my mind! That guitar thing is all the rage now, huh? It looks hard, but lots of fun. Your comment made me look even harder at "whoever" was on the guitar. Boy, you, er I mean, whoever it was, stunk. PU! I could totally do better than that! If only I had a wii, or if only someone would invite... Oh nevermind. It's silly. No one would ever do that. Sigh. Remember when we were friends? That was great. I think I am having withdrawal. When, oh when, can we do something fun again? Oh, hey! Are you working, by chance, in the youth center next Saturday? It would be cool to work together with you again.

Anonymous said...

Love this post! Congrats to your dad! I bet he is so glad to be retired(your mom's probably glad too!) Sounds like you had a wonderful evening with your family and you are loving your camera.

Nana-Judy said...

Great, fun, post! Families doing things together...that is my favorite! I love it when our family can do things like this,too.

Jamie Steen said...

That was really fun!!

tacy said...

ok- the pepper in the purse thing had me laughing out loud! that is so funny!
I need to play world tour. My room mate has rockband and we have lots of fun with that.

Lori said...

What fun!!! Congrats to you dad. What are his plans now?

Aaron Elliott said...

Hey Laura, I stumbled onto Barant's blog but he hasn't updated his in 1yr so I looked on yours to see what the Hasek's where up to. Look's like you guys are doig well. Tell Barant Hi for me.