Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Who would a thought....

... paradise could be found in Michigan? I really didn't want to write about my amazing two weeks, because when you do it is the end. Like the final report. So I put it off as long as possible. Yes the time has come to end the summer. The kids head back to school in 5 days (noooooo) I hate school starting just as much or maybe even more than my kids do. So maybe this is a good time to write about our vacation, this way I get to relive it just a little longer. So here goes

The first week was our annual sisters get away to the cottage named Haliakala (Don't ask, I don't know! it's Hawaiian or Samoan or something like that, and it's probably not even spelled right. I don't want to find the phone to call my mom and ask)

This year we were down in numbers. We had Mom, Ann, Kim, Me, and Sarah, and guess what we didn't ever get a picture of all of us but I did think to take a picture of this...

What?!?! did you think we would all use the same scrubbie? That's gross!!

We all had a great time just sittin on the beach talking and catching up on each other and our lives. No one would allow a camera during this time so sorry no pictures of that!!

And mom's favorite thing to do every day... watch the sun go down. It is so beautiful and when you see the sun sink into the water we would applaud the day.

At nights when we were in the cottage Mom would teach, all who wanted to learn, how to knit a dish cloth!!

Ann was so proud of herself!! Through out the week she would remind all of us that she was "pretty much a knitter" now. We were all impressed (Sorry Ann for such a horrible picture, but you never read this anyway so won't even know I posted it. That's what you get for not reading my blog) Mom feeling like she was home!!!

Then the day came when some had pack up the beach chairs and load up the cars and head home.

But for others of us (Ann and I) looked forward to our families joining us for another fun week.

Stay tuned I will post more of that week later.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful week with the girls. We all need those girlie weeks! How fun to learn to knit at night. Great idea!