Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Taylor Swift Concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(sorry I got a little carried away)

The concert was Saturday and I am only getting around to posting this because I have been struggling with how to post this to give it the justice it deserves. You see the concert was Aaaamaaazing(amazing), and I don't even like concerts. I feel I don't have the ability to express my feelings in words to help you understand how wonderful it really was.

So I decided I won't even try to be witty I'll just show pictures and explain what was going on in the picture.

Here is a picture of Constance in the hotel room, she asked me to do her hair like Taylor's, all curls.

This is a picture of the both of us in our seats. And NO that is not a double chin on me it's just a really strange shadow!!! What?! would I lie to you?
Kelly Pickler opened. She is such a cute girl. And she had some pretty awesome shoes, sorry I didn't get a good picture of them.
This is Constance wishing Taylor would come on stage!!!

This is how she made her grand entrance. (brave, brave girl) the song was "you belong with me"
Showing off her vocal cords.
This is her "Love story" dress until.......

She gets to part in the song where it says, "I talked to your Dad go pick out a white dress" then all of a sudden she's in this dress. Amazing!!!
This is during the song "Tell Me Why"
"Picture to burn".

It really was a great concert, but I have to admit that the best part was watching Constance sing her heart out along with every song and having the time of her life.
I love you Constance, thanks for a great night and even better memories!!


Anonymous said...

Great post! I'm so glad that the two of you got to do this together. Madison, my neice Danielle, and I went to Raven a couple of years ago. The concert wasn't all that great, but we have so many memories from that night with the three of us that it didn't matter how the concert was. Fun times!

tacy said...

if I can say this and not be rude I don't know how: It is about time you posted another blog! The concert looked like fun, too bad I hate country music with a fiery burning passion. I can still understand the ambiance of a live event.

Katy Nelson said...

Fun...Ashlie Wilson (whom I live with) HATES country music, she is very into indie rock or folk music she LOVES LOVES LOVES the song Love Story, so I think she is even a little jealous of your concert!

Adventures In The Land Of Hahl said...

the Girls in this house (the boys do not have good taste) LOVE taylor swift. even lil's can sing part of love story when it comes on. SO... i am very jealous! that is so fun that you got to share that experiance with constance.

My name is Lexi said...

constance is so cute =]