Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A young man prepared

So Emmitt hit the big 1-2 this past week (the 28th) and on Sunday he was ordained a Deacon (http://www.mormon.org/mormonorg/eng/basic-beliefs/glossary/glossary-definition/deacon) in the Aaronic Preisthood. He is such a fun kid and I love that he has blessed our family with his wit and sense of humor.
In our family we have a tradition that on your b-day you get to have what ever you want for dinner. So I asked Emmitt what he wanted a few days before his big day. I always expect them to tell me what they want me to fix, but for some reason they always say where they want to go. (What, am I really that bad of a cook?!?!) So Emmitt says he wants to go to Young's it's a fun Japanese resturant where they cook at your table. It was great. Good Choice Emmitt!!! Also the kids get to pick what kind of cake they want again I expect them to tell me what kind they want me to make and usually that's not what they want. So when I ask Emm what he wants he say's you'll need to get together with Kim 'cause I want a big cookie (for those who don't know Kim is known for her yummy cookies - she's the best) well my heart breaks and I relize that my kids have no faith in my cooking abilities, what kind of mom am I?!?!?! Here is our conversation:

Me : Really, Emmitt I don't need Kim I can do it.
Emmitt: Well mom, I really think you better get together with Kim.
Me: (my heart breaking and a quiver in my voice) I know I can do it. It will be the best big cookie you've ever had.
Emmitt: (noticing that my feelings are hurt) Okay mom you can do it. (with a look in his eyes that say, well there goes my b-day "cake")

Notice the pictures above see the cookie. Looks really good huh, so there I can do it. I love ya Kim but I didn't need you. Okay let's be honest now. Let me just say it's a really good thing Emmitt loves cookie dough.
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Mandy said...

What a special day!!! 12 years old, wow! Hard to believe!

Kim said...

Okay, next time I'll come do it myself!!! Just kiddin. I'm sure it was good, it looks great! Looks like a super fun b-day! I smiled when I saw Emmitt walk into church tonight for Scouts, or mutual whichever it was tonight! Crazy!

Jamie Steen said...

I bet it was the BESTEST COOKIE EVER!!!! Way cool!!

tacy said...

Well you did a GREAT job! I think that is how my mom must feel when we ask for my dad to make our things.