Monday, August 18, 2008

Well he did it.

After many years of many people telling him to, Jason finally did it, he even drug us all with him. I'll let the pictures explain, but first let me say it sure was a bumpy road.

This was a little side trip Jason wanted to do while we were in Michigan. It really is a town in MI with a post office inside a souvenir shop and an ice cream shop. That is all that is there. It was a really hot day, how appropriate.
Well now that we've got that out of our system you should expect only saintly behavior from us for now on.
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Mandy said...

Wow, how cool! I don't know if I've ever wanted to go to Hell but good for you guys! :-)

Karen said...

I have a friend that grew up in Michigan. I'll have to ask her if she's ever been to Hell before.

The Ordeel said...

Oh, I get it. Jason was feeling a little bit homesick! HA!

Abby said...

Laura I don't have your email would you email me so I can ask you a question?

ajcmeyer AT gmail DOT com

Lori said...

That is too funny! I will have to show this to Patrick - he will want to go there.

NYCmom said...

We've actually been to Hell too...that would've been funny if I'd run into you there. Oh the stories we could tell! :)